Welcome to the Monkey Day Undergound.

You probably don't belong here.

At the dawn of the new millenium, Monkey Day was created as an underground celebration of all things simian, drawing attention to important issues related to our primate brothers and sisters, including medical research, animal rights, and evolution.

But what began as a guerilla holiday to celebrate our inner gorillas has been co-opted and commercialized by global megacorporations and been under fierce partisan attack by religious fundamentalists. We've been forced to take our Monkey Day related program activites further underground.

If you too are dedicated to protecting the original Monkey Day spirit of advancing the causes of monkey freedom through underground drunken monkey-style cage fighting tournaments, monkey masquerade beauty pagents, marathon sleep-deprivation monkey doll knitting experiments and more -- not only every December 14th but year round -- then this is the site for you.

Are you Monkey enough?

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To petition for initiation into the elite Monkey Day Underground, email monkeydayunderground@gmail.com your tales of how your local Monkey Day cell has gone above and beyond the call of Monkey Day doody I mean duty.

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